Low-Carbon Communities

Public area and Environment
● Permeable area: 70%
● Green coverage: 60%
● Reuse constructed waste
● Energy conservation & carbon reduction design
● Set LED for landscape
● Solar-power and smart streetlamp monitored system
● Solar panel on the pavilions for the emergency lighting

  Low-Carbon Cultural Tour

To minimize the environmental impact of traveling
Development "travel Tainan" APP application, including Chinese, English, Japanese version of "food, living transportation, entertainment." Tainan restaurants, hotels, transport and famous attractions.

  Green Energy

Top green industries and PV in Taiwan
Introducing the bank financing to setup the “white roof”
The first city to apply for the electric motor demonstrative plan
Promote solar-powered water heating system
Set the wind power system
Carbon reduction rate in 2014: 336.3 thousand tons/year
Ways of achieving
(1) Settle a project office
(2) Open an exclusive website
(3) Introduce the financing projects
(4) Conduct promotion and dissemination
(5) Set up the mechanism lease
(6) Shorten the schedule of reviewing for the PV system connecting with the Grid
(7) Provide subsidy for solar communities
(8) Hold the competition among local districts to setting the PV systems
PV Systems on Yanshuei Junior High School in Tainan
Industry-Ho Shin Parking Area

  Ecological Function City

We recognize that the ecosystem-based adaptation offers a cost-effective and sustainable approach.
● Ecological framework, corridors and systematic-based green wetland system
● Conserve wetlands and turn abandoned salt fields into wetlands
● Improve abandoned ponds and fish ponds into artificial wetlands
● Detention basin, the integrated function of environmental protection
● Create economic production, conservation, tourism and recreation

  Low-Carbon Transportation

● Carry out 「No Idling」in Taiwan
● Make train stations as the center to achieve seamless integration of green transport
● Build MRT public transport system
● Bus line Network
- 6 main routes、66 lines 、and flexible busesIntegrate main routes with certain branch lines
- Improve service standards
- Shape the overall visual imagery
● Bus Imagery of Tainan(Bus MRT)
● The first demonstration of low-carbon transport – smart electric cars

  Low-Carbon Life Style

● Utopia for recycling - community recycling station
● Recycle food wastes for composting
● Battery exchange station for electric scooters and recharge station for electric vehicles
● Idle-Free for vehicles
● one vegetarian day per week

  Education & Images

● Enforcement of low carbon
● First Low-Carbon City Self-Government Ordinance and Six Chapters & 38 ordinances in Tainan, Taiwan
● International cooperation

  Low-Carbon & Energy-Saving Buildings

● New buildings for Non-Public: Qualified Green Construction
● New buildings for Non-Public: Silver award
● Build rain storage system
● Grade of green buildings: 11 diamond awards,2 gold awards, 1 silver award, 7 copper awards, and 48 others
Certificate of the LEED by the USGBC
NCKU Magic School of Green Technology

  Material Recycling

● Green shopping
● Power generation and energy conservation of livestock breeding
● Recycling of resources
● Construction waste recycling
● Re-use of recycled water
● Re-use of agricultural resources

  Low-Carbon Campus

To build a low-carbon campus:
● The city government cooperates with schools
● Introduce indicators of PLCA (product life cycle analysis) for new campus establishment
● Training personals with green technology knowledge:
- Department of green energy
- Department of eco-science and technology
- Graduate school of eco-tourism
Top Green Building
Nanke International Experimental High School