Tainan is the fifth largest city of Taiwan, governed as one of the special municipalities by the Republic of China (Taiwan). Tainan has a humid subtropical climate that is suit for agricultural farming. Tainan claims its name as one of the Taiwanese cultural capitals for its abundant historic monuments and citizen lifestyle. The city also has its own unique traditions and cuisines developed by Chinese frontiers over its long history. Nowadays, Tainan is not only known as the first low-carbon city but one of the happiest cities in Taiwan.

● Located at southwest Taiwan

● Area: 2,192 km2

● 37 districts

● Population:1.88 million people

● Density: 855.74 person/km2

● 1.43 million motors

● 493 thousand cars

● Ecological Resource: one National Park, six natural wetland habitats.

Tainan City was selected as demonstrating Low-Carbon-City for Southern Taiwan in 2011. Mayor William Lai announced that 2012 is the first year of Low-Carbon-Tainan, and a “Low-Carbon-City Project Office” was established on March 16th that year.

Low-Carbon-City Project Office is located in East Dist. of Green Educational Building which is properly lit and ventilated. Windows are tapped with Green Polyolefin Tape, and outside building walls are covered with plants. These methods can keep the building from heat and cut down the cost for electricity. Solar panel is installed to generate part of electricity. The main purpose for this office is to create the innovative experiences including zero carbon emission, optimization between urban life style and friendly environment, and optimization between low-carbon activity and conventional life style.